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I'd like to start doing timelapse photogrpahy without happening to have my laptop always physically connected to the cammera.  I asked a similar question before and someone suggested a TC-80N3 remote - which looked great - however I just went to order one and it seems its not compatible with 60D - wrong connector.  Is there an equivilent product for the 60D - I couldn't find one.  If not, what suggestions do people have?



There are adapters on Amazon and elsewhere that will allow you to connect the TC-80N3 to the 60D remote port.  Being as picky as I am about my equipment, I called Canon Parts and ordered the adapter that comes with the 60Da, which is a Canon made part and costs about $40.  I know, that's a lot for a little adapter but I'm hooking my remote up to my G1 X and I don't consider the cost to protect that camera unreasonable.  I wish Canon made it easier to get that adapter, but I guess they don't want to go to the trouble of explaining why all the functions of the TC aren't compatible with the G1 X (although why not include it with a DSLR is beyond me).

I've got the part number at home if you'd like it.  Some of their parts people are smart enough to take the part number listed in the 60Da manual for the adapter and cross reference it with their internal designation and some aren't.  Also, the noun in their system is "remote controller" so don't let it confuse you.

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