Am I asking too much?

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Re: Am I asking too much?

MightyMike wrote:

You suggest you have many lenses that all need AF fine adjustment if i read this right. the obvious question is why haven't you got those lenses or the camera fixed? Why do people keep clearly defective equipment when they can just get it fixed? there are so many people since the possibility of AF adjustments that seem to have to have an adjustment on every lens, is it really that bad or are they all fooling themselves. i have a very large quantity of lenses, 13 AF lenses not for sale and none of them need any focus adjustment, i take pictures and if the pictures are in focus then its fine, if not its usually a limitation of the camera or the my fault. however there have been occasions where lenses have failed and i get them serviced, nothing in recent times though.

One of us may be an exception.  This post may answer that question.  I have 6 lens that I actually use.  Of those 2 require no adjustment and one of those is a prime.  The other 4 are zooms and require an adjustment and that adjustment is different from wide open to fully closed which makes it necessary to pick a mid point and hope for the best.

You may be right.  I may be too lenient when I accept a lens or I may just be the norm.  I hope to find the answer to that with this post.

I must say that 13 lens with no required adjustment sounds exceptional.  Did you return a number of lens until you got one that required no adjustment?

The fact that manufacturers include the AF fine adjustment function would suggest that it may be "normal" for a lens to require some adjustment.

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