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Re: WB on LX7

Ronomy wrote:

leerob wrote:

I'm glad to report that I've no issues with my LX7 and FZ200. Absolutely none. 

I took a bunch of images outdoors with both my LX7 and FZ200 this weekend and the colors are identical.  Indoors about the same but in iA mode the LX7 is way off indoors.  But that is because it selects the wrong scene mode.  So I just stay away from iA mode.

They still tend to shift towards red indoors so best to manually adjust with a white card.

If you want a different balance you can shift the auto balance to make it look just like a canon camera if you like that warmer look.

I'm surprised you're getting a red cast indoors. I have CFL bulbs at home and it tends towards a green/yellow cast under that light. I usually have to add red in PP to get better looking skin tones.

The light spectrum on CFLs is spikey and doesn't mimic the radiation of a true blackbody radiator particularly well. It seems easier to calibrate WB to natural radiation like sunlight and incandescent bulbs, which are close to being blackbody radiators for all practical purposes. That said, Panasonic has some faulty WB programming in its recent cameras. Easy enough to correct manually, but if it's so easy for us to correct, it would have been better to just have Panasonic get it right themselves.

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