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It's here...

It arrived yesterday, in very nice condition, and in original box.

I have only managed a couple of quick trips around the locale to get a feel for it.

First outing I got back with a few shots, and was a little disappointed at first, they weren't really as sharp as I was expecting. After a bit of thinking I went out again without the 1A filter attached, and it was much better.

It was a Jessops own brand Skylight filter that had been attached, and my Googling only confirmed my own experience - it's a flippin' awful filter. Many comments suggest it cuts light by over half a stop, and it made all the shots look a bit soft.

I can't afford a decent UV to go with this right now, so I'll probably take a chance without - I always use the hood anyway.

Here's a few boring shots I got anyway (all PP'd in Aperture):

Taken with the Jessops filter attached, check out that flare!

Also taken with the filter attached, although not too bad.

Taken without the filter.

Overall, once I removed the filter, the 14-54 does prove to be a bit sharper than the 'kit' 14-42 - although the difference is hard to pick out, and does show how good the kit lens actually is. I have even had to modify my standard sharpening preset in Aperture to accommodate.

I've now got the two kit lenses (a 14-42 and MkII 40-150) up on auction, as well as my Tamron 35-70 Macro (feel free to PM me if interested in the Uk ;-)), and my bases are now well covered with the 14-54 and Sigma 55-200. I'm also holding on to the old Korboron 60-300, as that does perform surprisingly well.

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