Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: I depends on which camera you use.

Hen3ry wrote:

bowportes wrote:

zenpmd wrote:

So it is 90 percent certain that the Olympus will be 12-40? If so, that is a huge advantage for me, since 40, by being a 35mm equivilent of 80 is just about ok for faces, whereas 70mm on the Panasonic is inadequate.

I must be missing something here. How is it that a 70mm  FL (35mm equivalence) is "inadequate for faces" but adding another 10mm makes it "just about ok"?

For once I disagree with you, Bowy. For me, head and shoulders focal length is critical and it is 85-90mm (35mm equiv) -- even the 5mm step up from 85 to 90mm is useful. I am really happy at 90mm (i.e. Oly f1.8 45mm, apanny 14-54 @ 45) whereas I feel just a little under length at 85mm (with the 14-42 @ 42).

And I felt that back in the day with the wonderful Zuiko f2 85mm on the OM1 -- i6 waws just a touch too short -- but I learned to live with it!

So for me the 70mm focal length is 15-20mm too short -- not just 10mm. A significant difference. Incidentally, in my portrait shooting, this 90mm length is cricital. 100mm is too long for me, and I absolutely abhor what was the "standard" first tele and portrait lens of my day, the 135mm.

I will admire pix like Louis's portrait with the Oly 75mm (150mm 35mm equiv), but I will never own or use that lens.

Obviously, this is very personal. it has to do with a combination of what the photographer likes in the "drawng' pf the subject, and also -- very importantly -- how the photographer feels about distance from the subject when shooting.

Sorry to disagree about disagreeing, Geoff, but I can heartily endorse what you have just written, and I believe the 85-100 FL range (35mm eq.) is ideal for portraits. That said, I don't agree with the simplistic generalization that 70mm is "inadequate for faces." To me, such statements deny the important role of "what the photographer likes in the drawing of the subject" and "how the photographer feels about distance from the subject," which you articulated so well.

The 12-35mm lens is an outstanding lens for people period, whether talking about just head-and-shoulders portraits or depicting people in contexts.  The last time I perused some of my 35mm people shots, the faces all looked fine.

Having said all the above, though, I am up for the Panny 12-35. While I might wish for a slightly longer top end, the 12-35 with the constant f2.8 presses a lot of my buttons and I will happily use it in association with other lenses -- and even for portraits t a pinch! 

I expect you will find it more than "adequate" in such circumstances.  

Cheers, geoff

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