Worried about the future of Canon's Txi/XXXD Line after seeing T5i...

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Re: T6i?

It's a known fact in marketing that increasingly many customers look info from the Internet before making buying decisions. And there's also the traditional way of asking your more technically orientated friend. That means in very many cases that people find their way into forums and tech sites or maybe their friend does. The climate in there has changed considerably in the past year. If you hang around those sites you can't help noticing it. When people ask what should they get, Canon or Nikon, a very common answer from a hobbyist nowadays is: if you value picture quality, forget Canon's ancient sensors and get a Nikon, get excellent dynamic range and here's a link to DxOMark to prove my point. The word gets around and eventually reaches the soccer moms and dads of the world. The average customer doesn't really care about DxOMark or any of that technically orientated jargon, they just want to have a good camera, the best value, so they rely on collective consensus which has already changed a lot and for a reason. Canon doesn't have much time left to address this issue before it really starts to hurt them. Certainly Canon has many other tricks left in their marketing mix but still you just can't ignore this kind of phenomenon. Internet has changed the game.

Canon uses the same or slightly modified sensor which is clearly lagging behind. These Canon forums are filled with anticipation. People talk and talk about cameras that don't even exist: when and what. Like I said, waiting. Disappointing (just look at the welcoming committee for 700D) and waiting some more. It's clear to anybody who isn't so emotionally attached to the brand like those evangelists who are almost personally offended if somebody switches brands. I have no brand loyalty in this matter. I'm just looking value for my money. I needed better dynamic range and I got it. I didn't want to switch. A few people does because of the switching costs. I hoped for a long time that Canon would give me an option to upgrade but they didn't. Besides I still have my Canon gear left because I feel it has more use value than resale value so technically I'm still shooting Canon but not very often. And my girlfriend uses it. If Canon leaps forward and past the competition I can even continue where I left. That's the beauty in competition. It gives us more. So I'm not making excuses for Canon like some. I'm pushing them forward by saying what they are doing is not enough, do better if you want me as your customer. But like we have just seen it clearly offends some. I told about my decision (when asked, see the first post on this thread) and some just go "good riddance" and with nothing to say about the actual matter here.

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