Market Prices Over Time ?

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Re: Market Prices Over Time ?

Short answer yes, maybe. Depends when the next new model comes out and how much it pushes the IQ and features bar.

Longer: camera technolgy, especially bodies, have a much shorter life expectancy these days wrt price.  But it depends. Very high end like d4 or 1dx, 5 months is nothing, lower end, d3200 or t5i there may be a replacement medium concern, even lower tier, there IS a replacement that will be that cheaper and one generation newer.

Beside the fact you could save money or get a generation newer camera maybe, if you wait, there is another consideration. BTW I wish you would say what camera, and that it is manual controls, please. If it is manual controls and you haven't been using a camera recently then 5 months experience is invaluable. To know the camera well and be able to work it quickly and properly is worth more than 5mo depreciation, period, with a big trip upcoming.

I had one trip years ago  that haunts me not having had a manual controls camera with nice IQ. I had just a point and shoot... some images are still among my favorites, but they could have been so much more...

You would get a better answer with specific equipment mentioned.

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