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Recommended adjustments

Darrell Spreen wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

The camera has a setting to allow you to bias the color of the automatic white balance to be more yellow and magenta. You should try it.

The camera also has a "vivid" mode, and for each mode you can adjust the saturation and contrast.

So you MIGHT be able to change the default JPEGs to be more to your liking. I feel that the color balance is definitely bad on Panasonic, but the other aspects such as contrast and saturation are more of a matter of taste than of right and wrong.

I realize this thread (and your post) is very old, but I just noticed your manual WB adjustment recommendation and I wanted to say I agree exactly.  I have generally not been enthusiastic about Panasonic color balance, but I use this same adjustment bias in my camera with much improved results.

I definitely disagree, however, about ever using the "vivid" mode, as all the tests I have seen indicate you would get clipping in all 3 color channels with that setting -- maybe using "vivid" and reducing saturation by -2 would avoid the problem.

I'm still reading replies!

Each plus or minus on both the AWB adjustment and the contrast and saturation change things a lot, so yes, you definitely don't need or want to use Vivid mode, I find that +2 amber and +1 magenta on the AWB is all you need, and +2 contrast and +2 saturation in "Natural" mode produces photos that are as contrasty and more saturated than Olympus.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any setting that prevents the skies from being too purple, but consumers probably like the fake-looking deep blue skies. Converting the RAW files in ACR results in correctly-colored skies.

I don't know why Panasonic doesn't change these default settings. It's a shame that Pansonic is always dinged for bad JPEGs when all you need to do is change the damn settings.

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