Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

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Re: Anyone jump ship to the D7100 yet?

If Nikon has better QC, then probably we would have seen many jumping to Nikon. The D600's lubricant spilling issue, D800's left focus issue are serious enough to consider before jumping. Professionals might have back up bodies but serious amateurs and amateurs might have one body. When there's oil & incorrect left focus on your camera, you would not think of DR or HIgh megapixel. You would just have heartburns that the nice specifications of the camera are worthless when some irritating issues prevail.

If you check Nikon forum, few guys are mentioning about a possible 'left focus' issue in D7100.

Canon 6D may not have great specifications. But in terms of image quality it seems to be a winner. And it does not spill oil on sensor or does not have focussing issues. I would be happy to compromise on DR & higher megapixels for a camera that performs well.

I hope Nikon improves its QC and the bodies perform without major irritations. In such a case, its worth to switch if Canon does not improve its sensor.

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