Aperature or Lightroom?

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Re: Patience, Grasshopper.

bravozulu wrote:

Thanks, Majik. When people begin comparing the 2 programs and talk about User Interface or Modal Processes, it all goes right over my head.

I was told that Aperture started out by Apple hiring a bunch of well-known photographers to brainstorm and to chart out needed features. That alone is comforting. But beyond being a Mac user at home and work since 1987, the OS and interface of Apple programs is familiar.

This will be repeating questions I posed here 2 months ago, but the Lightroom database system of filing images scares me off. Perhaps necessary, so that original files go untouched and sequential edited files can be accessed.

I am not quite sure I know what you mean here so this may or may not help. I use Lightroom 4 for everything for the business. When I get home from a shoot I go into 'finder' and under 'Pictures' I set up a new folder for the shoot. I download the contents of the card into that. I then open up Lightroom and import the photos into the catalog but WITHOUT moving the photos from the folder I had set up earlier. Then I make the adjustments to the photos in Lightroom and finish them off by opening up Photoshop from within Lightroom. Those edited files are then saved automatically back into within the original folder. Now you can do the same thing with Aperture as well. If you switch software at a later date then all your photos are outside of the software you were using so that is easy to do. I tag, keyword in bulk inside of Lightroom. Very easy to do.

Why not download the Lightoom demo and play with it for 30 days. Also look at buying Martin Evenings book about Lightroom 4. It's a good book that you can dip into when needed.

You could wait for Aperture 4, it may or may not happen. Difficult to say. If you give the Lightroom 4 demo a go now though you have everything to gain.

I don't want that. I want a hierarchical file structure that I design. And then I'll use PhotoMechanic to upload images from my SD card, and do quick renaming, tagging, keywording and other Metadata tricks in bulk. That just appeals to me.

Aperture will do most of what I need. Responders to my earlier questions satisfied my concern for a few features:  good shadow retention/recovery, lens distortion correction, HDR. Somewhere in there would the need for Raw conversion of Nikon files. So it seems a few plug-ins will be needed along the workflow. The names suggested were PhotoNinja, DxO, NIK, and so on.

I'm resigned to that need and expect to pay a little more for it. And like you I was excited to learn about the hiring of the Adobe exec into the Apple workforce. Adobe + Apple? What could it mean other than better imaging software? Even an Apple DSLR camera? A car that runs on Cold Fusion energy?

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