Fujifilm better than sony?

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joe talks photography
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Re: amateur or enthusiast? Reasonably priced good Sony optics needed...

captura wrote:

I agree with this, too. The NEX lens line-up is adequate for an amateur. But in order to ulfil the promise inherent for enthusiasts, there should be a second line of better quality, more expensive lenses.

Sorry but both groups, that is, the 'amateur' and the 'enthusiast' are the same people. As for the Nex lens line up; I couldn't agree more that there should be really decent optics and good prices, not like the 24 1.8...sorry but I would go back to full-frame before dropping $1,000 on a lens for an APS-C sensor camera.

Users, irrespective of the group they fall into, decide what is or isn't adequate.

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