Wides and Normals: amaziing resolution findings at Lens Rentals...

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Wides and Normals: amaziing resolution findings at Lens Rentals...

This has been posted before, but not as a thread. It goes so much against the grain of what is the consensus here, that I find interesting to repost them:



What I find interesting is that Roger Cicala, Lensrentals well respected owner, tested many lenses of each in order to defeat sample variation.

There is also an interesting comment by T. Hogan about m4/3 lenses in general.

Personally I am v. happy of having just bought the Sigma 19mm whose resolution is amlonst the same of the Panny 25/1.4 for 1/5th of the price!

Other commonplaces are swept away...Zooms don't fare well, although the 12-50 is less bad than people make it here.

An interesting read


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