Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

Lots of fans boys are going to come to the defence with a question like thisĀ 

Ive owned both - both are great cameras & neither will disappoint when you decide what system you want to buy into. The Fuji is more fun to use for me, the NEX menu system lets you know instantly that its a camera built in mind for newby's also (not necessarily a bad thing), the NEX also has a nice tilt screen & useful tri navi system.

The Fuji is also a lovely camera to use, with a real manual feel. Fuji lenses are much better, it's not even close, yes they are more expensive but are so well built with great IQ. The fuji with its x-Trans sensor minus the AA filter and great lenses does equal better IQ than the NEX; that's not to say the Sony is bad, it's just that fuji IMO produce the best files from any apsc sensor.

i think the next iteration of the NEX7 will also be up there, if they bring out more quality glass (ie zeiss) & lose the AA filter (it's prob not needed with 24mp anyway) the RAW files will look amazing.

If you prefer jpeg to RAW I wouldn't opt for a sony cam, it's purely subjective but to me the sony jpeg engine is awful, whilst Fuji nails it.

Focus speed on both while adequate, is not the best in class. Olympus wins that one easily.

I don't think you can go wrong with any mirrorless systems that are out there, they will all produce results that are easily good enough for 99.9% of us in the right hands. Choosing one is personal & it has to be the best for yourself when you have taken what you want/expect into account.

Wow fantastically well put DJF77.

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