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Phixer323 wrote:

Does anyone find it strange or have an explanation why the Pentax Imaging website has no mention of the K5 series of cameras on the front page. Of the six scrolling images, there are three of the K30. One would think there would be some mention of their flagship APS-C. There is only one small picture of the K5 by the Store at the bottom of the page. I just find it strange.

1. The company is still gliding on two rails — it has two, old, and different product lines. As long as their lineup is not unified, incongruences such as the website will be part of life, and marketing messages won't be effective and meaningful. Pentax and Ricoh have both a bunch of old tech and mindset to get rid of.

2. The K30 is a more modern camera than the K5II, and frankly, it is a much better value for money. It is a clear overall winner. More meaningful and desirable products with greater prospects for sale deserve to be advertised more.

PS. I wish that MX-1 comes out in few colours; red/silver and tan/silver would look particularly good. Considering the fact that MX-1 IS NOT advertised in Japan at all, it deserves a much better cover (pun intended) in the US, European and Australian markets.

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