D7100 heads to the zoo! (15 images included)

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Re: Images at this size would not look any different

Sammy Yousef wrote:

daroga wrote:

"Not appealing to the eye" is about as subjective a criticism as I can imagine, and yet with the amazingly objective statement that the photographer has a lot to learn! So, do you just not like them or is there something actually wrong with them? What could be changed? Help us grow and learn together!

TLDR: Critics of the OP put up or shut up!

Some people just want to see eyes sharp everything else blurry. For them that is "good photography". *shrug* Very limited definition and doesn't impress me. People get into their own little world when they decide what techniques are good and what are bad and often forget that other techniques work to so rubbish anything that doesn't conform.

My standard example has to do with portraits not zoo photography. If you want to see amazing portraits from the film era made without resorting to shallow DoF, look up Yousuf Karsh's photos of Churchill, Einstein, Bogard, Hemmingway. (He did seem to go for shallower DoF with women though I'll grant you). Ansell Adams was a founding member of group f/64...people say his photography is passe today (but he wasn't using camera around half a century more advanced now was he!)

Some people are also just plain rude. If the people criticising the OP so harshly wish to show me much better zoo photos and explain why they are better and what they did differently I might...just MIGHT...start taking them seriously. Then again I may not agree their stuff is better. Either way I'll never agree that they were right to flame the OP.

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My forum postings reflect my own opinions and not those of my employer. I'm not employed in the photo business.

Please take a look at some of the photographs here. These are not my own, although that does not take away my right to comment on the OP's photographs, since he wanted some feedback in the first place after all. Suggestions for improvement :


1. Subject isolation (Someone has asked if the OP knew about Bokeh, and rightly so)

2. Better post processing, metering etc. The pictures are not contrasty and look flat and dull.

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