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Re: WB on LX7

It is only a matter of camera settings.
Read the manual, find setting according to own preferences.
It requires some time and test pictures because LX7 has a lot of possibilities.
I treat even jpg mode as a material for further post processing so I try to not oversharpen, or use to much contrast and saturation because then I can loose data from picture.
Nobody is able to shot 100% perfect pictures without post processing and we have different prefrences.
Two jpgs from my LX7.
Originals wher softer dull but I dod not loose details in shadows and in lights so it was very easy to tune histogram.
It is only one touch in Irfan View shift+u and here you are the results.



Of course RAW + good software is better solution and if somebody needs all the best from camera he should use it.

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