How many shots on a D-LI90 Battery ?

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Re: How many shots on a D-LI90 Battery ?

pentx4life wrote:

kitsios_spyros wrote:

pentx4life wrote:

I used my K5, in MF mode, no review, DNG-mode, w.o. jpg, a picture about every 3 seconds, camera on, constant.

I got about 2800images with one full battery...

no review?!

you trust your equipment and your capabilities very much.

I have never even thought of reaching that level of confidence for the above two!

I am not trying to be rude, I am just very impressed!!

2800 is a very impressive number

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As somebody mentioned in this thread... this was not my normal camera usage But it was no timelapse either...I digitalized slides with my camera remote controlled... So underexposed every shot about -1.7, so I was shure there were no clipped higlights... and camera did not move a millimeter So I didn't need to refocus or anything

(I had to switch it off and on every 450 shots, as I only have 2 16GB-SD-Cards

But in real life shooting, I guess I take about 600 (showing images to friends and so on)... to 1200 shots (not reviewing every image - sparing battery in holidays)

IMHO DNG takes less battery power, than jpgs, as in camera processing time is spared. Writing more unprocessed data on card seems to improve battery lifetime

Best regards!


Thanks for the reply Kevin. You surely grabbed my attention with your first post

Kind Regards,


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