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Re: printing rip for IMAC

gaussian blur wrote:

graybalanced wrote:

Sharper images (and I am a sharpness freak ), allows printing layouts , printing tiff files, and even RAW if one likes. At a reasonable price.

All of that can be done with Mac native software, and likely do a better job too. I use Lightroom but there are many options.

With my research I found something for Mac's but it was a huge difference in price and the tutorial wasn't as easy to understand.

What software was that? Even iPhoto can do what you listed.

This is dismissing the original poster too quickly. Qimage is serious software, and to lump its capabilities in with iPhoto is to greatly oversimplify the comparison. The people who use Qimage to set up advanced fine art printing, and the printing services who gang up customer jobs with Qimage, for example, would find their needs not met in the least by iPhoto.

I'm not suggesting someone use iPhoto instead of Qimage. What I'm saying is the list of things jacquelyn said were important are not unique or even hard to do. If something low end like iPhoto can do it (which it can), then higher end apps can certainly do it, and quite a bit more.

The plain fact is that there is no Mac equivalent for Qimage,

There's no need for Qimage on the Mac, that's why. Nothing it does can't be done with existing Mac software. Plus the author won't write it since he hates Apple.

just as there is no Mac equivalent for ProShow Gold (another powerful application that Windows ask Mac users ask about, but get incorrect answers for).

What incorrect answers do Mac users get about ProShow Gold? There's no Mac version, but there are several other slide show apps that do run on the Mac.

Ditto .... graybalanced stated the situation very well. There are many Mac Users that have chosen to use outstanding PC applications like Qimage and ProShow Gold on their Macs, because these applications are so good at what they do.


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