Nex-7 vs EM5 Shutter Speed comparision at ISO 200

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Re: Nex-7 vs EM5 Shutter Speed comparision at ISO 200

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

We have seen this on DXO mark. I don't if we can call it cheating, but it is a fact at almost all ISO.

That's not true. The OP is suggesting that the E-M5 meters consistently slower at a given ISO than other cameras, and we have not seen that at DxOMark.

DxOMark very specifically says that what their data tells us about manufacturer ISO labels is not cheating.

RAW ISO measures are inferior to manufacturer ISOs: is this a problem? (DxO Labs article)

It is precisely the JPEG ISO value that all the manufacturers publish. They do so because JPEG (or any RGB) output is the visible output that photographers use. So when you select ISO 800 on your camera, you’ll have a JPEG ISO at 800, but the RAW ISO will be at (for instance) 550. The JPEG results are achieved by playing with the tone curve shape. This is absolutely legitimate: the ISO standard allows manufacturers to use this JPEG value. They are not cheating.

So now you know, we can't call this cheating, and DxOMark's numbers say nothing about camera metering.


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