New NEX-6 user needs first prime - SEL3518 or Sigma 30mm or legacy prime

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Re: New NEX-6 user needs first prime - SEL3518 or Sigma 30mm or legacy prime

Tough call - and for sure you're not going to get a unanimous response... simply a collection of personal opinions.

So here's mine....

I bought my 30mm sigma prior to the Sony coming out.  I knew it was around the corner, but I went with the notion many folks have said here - if I like it and feel I want more later, the Sony will be waiting.    The fact that the Sigma has received glowing reviews across the board made it an easy decision.  I got mine for $150.  And now that you can get the 30 and the 19 for a bundle @ $200 bucks, you're bound to be able to find the 30mm going solo for a cool $100.   That puts it into no-brainer land.   It's sharp, it's light.  The camera is almost a compact at that point.    And with the nice sensitivity - the 2.8 does very well in many conditions.

This all comes from a budget standpoint as well.   IF $$$ doesn't really matter then I'd consider that Sony.   I certainly wouldn't underestimate the value of the OSS.   I have it on the Sony 50 and it's very very nice.   I do video as well, so if that's something you plan to do, the OSS will be be VERY handy.

The focal length sure is nice too.

I guess I'd turn it back to you and see what you're okay with spending now.   If the cost of the 35 is where you're prepared to go at this moment, just go that route.

For many folks - for around the same money, you can snag the Sigma and the 50mm.   Although a bit more tele - that lens makes a nice portrait lens and I've marveled at it's sharpness.  I do love it.

Finally - in regards to the legacy lenses.    Boy, if you've got some lying around or have access to folks that do - I find them very FUN.   Great quality of course, but with the peaking applied, it just feels very organic to use the manual focus.  And you can nail focus easily.   You can get some great deals online - though many folks certainly recognize the desire in the old lenses, so costs have started creeping.

One thing I can say about the NEX lenses in general is that I really hate manually focusing with them - the fly by wire or whatever it's called just doesn't feel good - which is why when I have that hankering for manual control, I pull out a Nikon lens and pop it on.

Just a ramble here - good luck with whatever you decide.   The NEX line is definitely a fun cam and gives you many options

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