D800 100% pixel view in LV with firmware update!

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just Tony
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2 Pictures = 2000 Words

The LV screen image quality looks exactly the same before and after the upgrade IF the camera is set to AF-F focusing mode. Maybe that explains the several reports of "no change".

Things are tremendously better (than AF-F) when you switch the camera to AF-S mode. I didn't think to check that before/after the firmware upgrade but it looks so much nicer now that my "high magnification" assignment of the center button has now been upgraded to "one click down from maximum" instead of two clicks down. Max - 1 magnification with the new firmware seems to look cleaner than the Max - 2 before.

Here are cereal box pictures to illustrate what I'm seeing. (brick walls and cats are so passe').

Max magnification, AF-F mode. That's not motion blur or missed focus.

Max magnification, AF-S. One click lower is a very clean view.

If you are in the blurry AF-F mode and you switch the lens or body to Manual Focus, then the view cleans up and looks exactly like the AF-S mode.

There may be a processing power limitation that explains why the video stream gets compromised when the camera is set to run closed-loop full time focusing in the Contrast Detection mode.

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