Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Re: Meaning of "Pocketable"

Neurad1 wrote:

tjdean01 wrote:

30: $350, 24mm, IS, f1.8, white color avail, smaller than coolpix A, cheaper than Sony, better lens than Canon.  What's not to like?  This wins in my book.  Did I mention it zooms too?

So, assuming I agree with your analysis....I have a Canon S95 which I have loved. For no really good reason other than GAS and an upcoming trip to Ireland I thought I needed a "better" pocket camera to supplement my OMD kit and to use indoors in low light in places where I'd feel awkward shooting with the OMD (pub, dance event). Is the Coolpix 330 enough of an improvement that it would make sense for me to buy it?

I don't think anyone would deny that the s100/s110 was a nice improvement over your s95.  From what I've seen I would say the P330 is as much better vs the s110 as the s110 is to your s95.  And I would say that the s95 is about the same about "better" versus the old Fuji F31fd.  So, if you're going from the s95 to the s100, I'd say no.  If you're going from the s95 to the P330, I don't know.  I think you'll lose a lot of the softness of the edges of the lens but I haven't seen enough photos to verify that yet.  If you're only using it for indoor shoots for one vacation I'd say save your money, however.  You might not even use it that much, right?

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