SSD performance

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Bogus if you ask me.

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Then look at this video

My laptop is slower about 15 second than that, i wish if mine is same as this laptop speed or even 2-3 sec slower if not faster, so what he did with his laptop to get that much fast?

Looks bogus to me but if real it is not real world. Meaning that this is a clean install and has been stripped using msconfig so that nothing loads. Look at your own system, if the hard drive light is not solid then the computer is doing things and no SSD in the world will help you. Samsung computer come with a bunch of bloat ware and utilities and loads a lot of services at boot up. But all real world computers do this.

Here is a realworld samsung 7 computer with all the software installed it is using SSD accelerated cache. It boots about the same as my laptop which I gave an example in another posting on this thread. Look at 2 mins on this video.

If you want your computer to boot fast remove everything that makes it useful. But if you are going to use it. An SSD will make it boot fast but never as fast as the link you have above.

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