Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Remind me of the Oly -v- Panny image and lens issues Re: I depends on which camera you use.

Pixnat2 wrote:

You shoot with a Panansonic camera

In this case, they are definitely worth it, no contest. Those zooms are very sharp, high quality, stabilized and their weaknesses (CA and distortion) are well corrected by the camera software.

You shoot with an Olympus camera

In this case, the answer is more complex. It depends mainly on your CA tolerence and if you shoot RAW or JPEG.

If you shoot mainly RAW and use softwares like LR, you can correct CA and distortion fairly easily. In this case, those zooms may worth it, if you're willing to spend this money knowing the lenses weaknesses, of course.

If you shoot JPEGS, that's more problematic. In this case, spending 1000$ for a zoom that shows a fairly large amount of CA can be considered as a bit too expensive, but of course, it's a personal opinion, YMMV.

Personally, I shoot RAW+JPEGS, but I'm not CA tolerant, and as I shoot mainly with the EM-5, I'll wait for the Olympus 12-40.

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Please remind me of the Oly -v- Panny lens and imaging issues.

I know that Panny correct CA as well as distortion and that they store metadata in their raws so that even if you shoot raw these lens/image aberratiions can be corrected automatically, right?

So what's the deal with Oly? It's my understanding that Oly doesn't bother to correct CA is that right? And if so, is that because their lenses are optically corrected for this? Or do they store metadata in their lenses to enable CA to be removed automatically by compatible raw converters?

Also, am I correct in thinking that using an Oly lens on a Panny body results in automatic distortion correction (as it's part of the microFourThirds (mFT) standard) but no CA correction is done, is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

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