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Re: amazing $300 DPx upgrade to Leica lenses, interchangeable

docmaas wrote:

That's been out there for a while.  I'm hoping they will be able to do the same thing for the Merrill cameras.  The biggest obstacle they had to overcome was the shutter from what I understand.  I think they were working on finding a way to turn the sensor on and off electronically rather than the leaf shutter in the lens that the camera is designed with.  Not sure what they came up with.

I think it would make a lot more sense to use the Nex mount on the resulting conversion as that opens up a whole host of lenses including leica and contax.


Leica M is ok, there are contax/yashica(C/Y)-M-adapters. there is even one for xpan/tx1 but thats another story.

They already said no more new DPxM-models will be produced. So maybe we will see a mirrorless or an SD2 with canon-ef-mount. Mounting C/Y with Focus-confirm and focus-trap would be no problem then.

sigmacumlaude already rised the price for the C/Y-mount. They should offer it for that price WITH 60mm zeiss-macro. 600 plus 600 would be realistic.

I dont trust wideangle-foveon-images. maybe i should see some before judging.

For panoramas i would use dp2/3M or longer lenses in SD1M anyhow. But maybe a mirrorless will really come true. It must come true otherwise sigma cannot grow.

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