FZ200 - That blasted control wheel!

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Re: FZ200 - That blasted control wheel!

sherman_levine wrote:

To be perhaps a bit more clear, the issue is less the thumb direction than its position.

Above the wheel pushing toward the floor to rotate. If my thumb's horizontal I can slide across the camera to rotate several steps.

Below the wheel pushing into the camera to push the button.  My thumb can be horizontal here also, but it's definitely lower on the camera than it for rotating


I sent my camera back, received anther and am experiencing the same action on the wheel, slipping into program shift mode. Definitely a problem with the design - and probably adjusted a bit too sensitively for some of us.

So I tried Sherms method and it works fine - thanks Sherm.

As long as I have a work around I am good to go - so far.

Thanks to all for responding.


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