Nex-7 vs EM5 Shutter Speed comparision at ISO 200

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Re: Nex-7 vs EM5 Shutter Speed comparision at ISO 200

CosmoZooo wrote:

I wondered myself if the overstated ISO affect shutter speed on OMD to be slower then NEX. Even being an NEX owner I have to agree with folks who say not really at least in the example above:

I recently learned about this interesting, although very limited, site:

So the truth is - Sony also overstates the ISO but perhaps less so then OMD - yet not enough so  for any significant gap between them - in this example

From the site:

Nex-7, stated ISO 200, measured ISO 159

OMD, stated ISO 200, measured ISO 107

So that's ISO diff of 52 which is highly insignificant as these shots actually prove.

Anyone arguing otherwise is ignoring the facts.

On the other hand and perhaps here comes the punch line as the ISO keeps going up the gap gets significantly larger:

Nex-7, stated ISO 3200, measured ISO 2617

OMD, stated ISO 3200, measured ISO 1489

Diff is 1,128 ISO - how many stops is that - I haven't gotten the hang of those calcs yet

And if we keep going:

Nex-7, stated ISO 12800, measured ISO 10702

OMD, stated ISO 12800, measured ISO 5953

Diff is 4749 ISO - how many stops is that?

Don't shoot the messenger - I didn't come up with those numbers, but to the original poster if you want to do a more effective test go up in ISO...start at 3200. If the site is correct there will be a measurable diff in the shutter speed then.

Also I think the NEX-6 is the camera to compare to OMD taking into account both have 16mp sensors. NEX-6 has even better ISO performance then 7 so the gap could be even higher...but the 7 will do if the site is correct.

Want to try again?

Dxo and sensorgen ratings are not actually related to manufacturers iso ratings.

Both cameras are correct, or within a third of a stop or so, as per the standard.'s gear's gear list
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