Just don't get rid of good gear - D2X tale....

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Re: Just don't get rid of good gear - D2X tale....

Hi Cytokine

Lovely shots and superb colors!

I agree with you word by word, my friend.

I've always seen your posts as a huge fan of the D200, as we both are, and I entirely agree with you.

On a general basis, the D200 shots just come out great!

You don't need endless hours in front of Photoshop to make these images pop. They just come out great, right out of camera.

I shoot a lot with a Leaf aptus digital back, which is also CCD.

I'm about to say a tremendous heresy now:

I believe the D200 has a very comparable rendering to that digital back.

It's not exactly identical, but there's a certain shared feeling between these 2 sensors... and that shouldn't be a surprise, as both are CCD from the same technological age.

Love my D200 as well !

I believe my dream camera would be a modern FF D200.

Exactly the same sensor design and image processor, but FF instead of APS.

Larger viewfinder, larger and higher res LCD, and D4 AF system.

I'd buy a whole warehouse full of these!


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Marcio Napoli


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