JJC Lens hood question.

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Re: JJC Lens hood question.

Don't have either on hand any more, so I can only answer from memory. There is no lock for either hood. The only way to increase friction between the hood and adapter, so that it fits tighter and is less likely to work loose and fall off, is to squeeze the hood mounting slots narrower so they grip the adapter tabs tighter.

I suppose if you're not likely to want to remove the hood from the adapter once mounted, you could use a couple small dabs of glue, or some thread lock compound, to hold them together.

IIRC, the JJC hood metal was softer than the Fuji, so it would loosen faster with continued attaching/removing. I also seem to remember seeing at least one JJC hood with the slots positioned badly, so that no matter how you mounted it, part of the ovf was blocked by the hood material between the longer relieved sections. You want the entire long relieved section in the bottom corner of the ovf for minimum view blockage.

I'm sorry if this is all hard to visualize, maybe someone with a hood on hand can snap some pix.

I eventually bailed on the Fuji/JJC hood and used the Pentax domed hood instead. No finder blockage, no worries about hood orientation, no worrying about the hood falling off, more compact so it fits cases better and slips into smaller spaces.

I am currently X100-less, waiting for the X100S...

mibu2011 wrote:

I've just fitted the JJC Lens hood, adapter...it doesn't snap or lock into place.  It therefore doesn't take too much pressure for it to start moving back in the other direction...is it an issue...Does the original Fuji version operate in the same way?

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