Any Problem Using Two External USB-Powered HDDs on rMBP?

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Re: Shouldn't be a problem

Doug R wrote:

I'm saying that DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC and Nortel did not get together and say hay the External Superdrive won't work with usb2 in usb3 lets up the curent so Apple's superdrive will work. Apple or their specific devices had nothing to do with the USB3 standard.

No, you said:

Doug R wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

Recent Macs without built-in DVD drives; which includes the MacBook Airs, Minis, new iMacs and the retina MBPs, have extra power on the USB bus to support the the external superdrive which connects via USB but draws a bit more power.

They give more power because the specs call for it not to power a specific Apple accessory.

The Superdrive requests more power because Apple built a protocol extension in both the drive and the Macs to allow it to request more power. USB 3 is irrelevant in this, the Superdrive is a USB 2 device and can still only request 500 mA via the standard protocol, even when connected to USB 3 host.

You need to grow a set and learn to admit when you're wrong. If you want to see how, just check my posting history. I make mistakes too. The difference is when I do, I admit it, apologise and move on. That way I can learn from my mistake and avoid repeating it.

Note: Your posting history shows you to be abrupt and direct, I assume this is how you communicate so I am responding likewise. No offence intended.


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