? Time to change this forum's name

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Re: That's the trouble with you NF ...

Kim jakobsen wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

HongKongExpat wrote:

Seriously though...the forum's name encompasses all 3xxx through to 7xxx, so all models are catered for including D7100. Until an 8000 comes out we're all set...

Seriously though...

If you joined a PHOTOGRAPHY forum, and you're worried about a header, you most likely shouldn't have joined a PHOTOGRAPHY forum.  A GEAR forum MIGHT be better.


You DO know where You are, right? If there ever was at gear oriented photo-forum, this is it. The fact that it is split into camera models, rather than photographic issues, might be a pointer...

Well aware, thank you.  However, one can HOPE for change.  Most here reverse-engineer the process: rather than starting with pictures, and talking about the "techy" stuff that creates them, much more often it is the opposite.

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