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Re: Sony and Fuji and Nikon and Sigma

Neurad1 wrote:

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Neurad1 wrote:

I have read quite a bit about the X100s. I know its IQ is supposed to be great and that the S fixed a lot of the issues with the X100. I guess where the X100s seems less than ideal to me is in two areas. It is "biggish" (not really pocketable, is it?) and not what I'd call unobtrusive (like a small pocketable black camera would be). I will study up on the X100s more, though. The fixed focal length of the X100s is also one of the points I am less excited about when I consider the Nikon Coolpix A, but the RX1 has a fixed focal length lens and Sony seems to be having no problem selling them.....

Sony with its RX1 and Fuji with its X100/X100s have proven that when you put a good lens on a good camera, there is indeed a market. Some people might ask "Why would you live with the limitations of a permanent fixed focal length lens?" I ask, "Why would you live with the limitations of a permanent cheap zoom?" It's nice to have choices.

The X100 is rather small, but only pocketable in a jacket. The "old fashioned" look of the Fuji does not scare people. Image quality is what it has going for it and, in that, the X100s will destroy the pocketable cameras. I don't know yet if the Coolpix A is considered pocketable. For me, the 28mm wide of the Coolpix A is too wide for my taste as a fixed lens. I much prefer a 35mm or 50mm equivalent if I'm limited to one lens.

How about a Sigma DP2M? Used properly, it's as good as medium format. It's also a very small camera.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

How is the low light sensitivity of the Signa DP2M?

It is usually considered pretty poor. I have the DP2, wonderful in good light, but it stops there. They say that the new Merrills are the same. It has something to do with the Faveon sensor.--


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