Some pics with the Fuji X20 in London

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Re: Some pics with the Fuji X20 in London

You're lucky to have the opportunity to shoot in London, such photogenic subjects and surroundings. I used to live there back in my high school days so these shots bring back memories.

I fell compelled to add a few remarks as this is a forum for learning (hopefully) so please take them in the spirit of my best intentions.

The blue ice bar is out of focus but since you were shooting at 1/80 its unlikely to be camera blur (unless you had been drinking out of those cups ;). You could let the ISO go much higher to get a higher shutter speed but I suspect a focusing problem, maybe center focus would help. In low light always look for an edge with contrast to focus on using center focusing. Large dark regions don't fare well as focus areas.

The red caped horseman has the little girl in the background crowd in focus but the image begs to have the horseman in focus. Better to up the ISO and shoot with a higher fstop to have the whole scene in focus or use center focusing, half click and recompose to get the horse guard in focus.

The under exposed sidewalk scene was taken with 1/2000 when 1/160 would have sufficed. Perhaps center weighted exposure would help here.

The medieval scene was shot at 1/4 and is blurry.. you could easily have let the ISO run up to 1200 or even higher to get a sharper shot faster shutter speed.

I often shoot the X20 on full automatic because it produces great results most of the time, especially if you're in a hurry and haven't time to plan the shot. I usually shoot the X20 in P mode with center focus, half click and recompose so the subject I want is in focus, not what the camera decides should be the subject. Face recognition seems to be quite good so this may be an option when shooting people.

The X-Trans sensors are amazing technology. I tend to let ISO go where it needs to and if necessary clean up with denoise in PS or Topaz. The XE-1 is superb at low light high ISO shooting and the X20 is no slouch either.

Love the dolphin rider, that's my kinda gal! And the book storefront is wonderful!

Keep up the good work and keep practicing!

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