Techart lens adapter for Canon EF-EFs to NEX?

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Re: Techart lens adapter for Canon EF-EFs to NEX?

EcoPix wrote:

One other unexpected thing, although it seems obvious in hindsight - digital cameras have their own imaging personality, eg. the Canon look is quite different to the Sony look. It surprised me, though, to see a Canon look in the images made with the Sony through the Canon lenses.

So where exactly is the ghost in the machine?

Thanks for adding your observations to this old thread.

I guess the ghost haunts the lens! Is a Sony look a Minolta look?

BTW I think you must have more of an artist's eye than I have. I can never see Leica/Zeiss/Nikon look. I can usually tell Kodachrome from Ektachrome for all the good it does me anymore.

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