Pocket backup for my OMD EM-5

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Meaning of "Pocketable"

Considering the size camera that I could comfortably carry around my pockets, there are very, very few cameras that would suit me both size and IQ-wise. They are as follows: Sony RX100, Canon s110, Coolpix A, and Coolpix P330.  Let me state my case why I think the P330 wins hands down.

Sony RX100: What is it, $700?  You can buy a 75mm f1.8 for your OMD for that price!  Plus it has soft corners, looks stupid, and is a Sony--a company who continuously produces products that make me angry (personal opinion but then again so price, pocket-size, and the benefits of sharp corners).

Nikon CoolPix A: With the $1000 this puppy will cost you could buy a 14mm, 20mm f1.4, AND a 45mm f1.8 for your OMD!  And there is NO IS on this camera and the lens is ONLY F2.8.  I'm not saying that is bad but in 2013 you have more alternatives (especially since this is the largest camera in this territory where it's going to be forced to compete with the slightly larger LX7 with its f1.4 lens and the Olympus XZ-2 which is also a VERY good camera).  Looking at the Canon s110 can tell us why the Coolpix A isn't such a good deal...

Canon s110: Only around $350.  Very, very small.  F1.8 lens and IS so although the APS sensor of the Coolpix A is bigger, this small Canon gains around 3-4 stops with the lens and IS.  In bright light it's going to almost impossible to tell which camera has the bigger sensor.  The s110's lens isn't the greatest, but I think Nikon has solved that (based on the images I've seen)...

Nikon P330: $350, 24mm, IS, f1.8, white color avail, smaller than coolpix A, cheaper than Sony, better lens than Canon.  What's not to like?  This wins in my book.  Did I mention it zooms too?

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