Best lens option in the 70-500 range

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Re: Best lens option in the 70-500 range

PSCL1 wrote:

With all due respect to the venerable mironv, whose knowledge and experience (as well as his nearly 10,000 posts) far exceed mine, why would you consider spending thousands on an offbrand lens with shorter range at both ends (the Sigma 120-300) from a company notirious for spotty quality control rather than buying the new Nikon 80-400?

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When did I say I have 120-300??? I have AF400mmf5.6 and used it for a long time and it dose noth bother me that is say Sigma on it since is even beter than Canon USM400mm f5.6 L lens and dose macro at 1:3 from 62". I have many lenses and only 2 Nikons AFS70-200VRI and AFD105f2 DC rest atre Tokinas and Sigmas. I posted before why and when and if I get a new Nikon AFS80-400 in earlier post read that again and see if I say anything about 120-300.

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