a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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CLS is PRO, why does SONY IR need to be only for Enthusiast?

OldClicker wrote:

I am NOT defending the delay and never have.  I do think that the Sony engineers may think that the in camera IR system is more for the enthusiast and that a pro would have the appropriate radio triggers.


Everything you have stated is very reasonable imho.

This is NOT a crit of any of your statements

BUT,   if  Sony engineers "thought"  that camera IR  is more for enthusiast , you just need to look at Nikon CLS and how many working PROs use that.

And how PROs are moving to  TTL  Radio Triggers (C&N) that can also MIX in there legacy stuff.  Some of that  IR Control/Trigger  can be converted to Radio  as in RadioPoppers. and done VERY WELL/Reliable , and with very SMALL  Transmitter and REC.

And IF  SONY moves to Radio and IR  ...  EASY to USE  Menus , Control Groups , Ratios, Channels  ... that Base needs to be there.  IF it was there,  the transition from  IR to  a more PRO Radio system will be easier, with LESS screw ups.

Sony needs Multi Group Control in there F20M .. which is there ONLY small new trigger?   Ratios are great , I  would love to see Flash comps also for Each Group  ala  Nikon CLS.  Don't think the F20M will be able to even do the SONY Ratios?

imho,  the Nikon CLS system  has to at the "Very least" what should be done for SONY PRO wireless. The Ratios is what will make SONY different.  Have that ... but also do the Groups and Comps.  Don't leave stuff out PRO's already work with.  That's silly.

Regardless of how wonderful Ratios are.

Just from my prospective as a Full Time Working PRO strobist.     just saying ...


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