FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

Started Mar 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: FZ200 as a birding camera - my moment of truth

great job, both with the ID's and the shots, I agree with sherm, that its worth trying cropping/processing to see if it can match izoom or whatever, aaaand if you can ever swallow the cost of the nikon e17ed, its a fabulous addition,  the set up (with adaptor tube) weighs just under 3 pounds which is about as bulky as I am willing to go for long walks in woods. but 1020mm allowing little drop off at f2.8 is really fun... and I consider myself a major in wildlife and a minor in photography...more like docu-ography. anyway what a trip to lead!

like this northern harrier ~100 yards away(a 50% crop)

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