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Re: Coolpix A on Camera Size

Neurad1 wrote:

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Neurad1 wrote:

No pictures of the Nikon Coolpix A yet, though.

The Coolpix A is here:


It's pretty amazing that the Coolpix A is about the same size as the RX100.  Bit if low-light shooting is a priority, I'd definitely favor the Nikon over the RX100.

On DxOMark the Low-light score for each:

Sports (Low-Light ISO) score

Coolpix A         1164  ISO

OM-D                826  ISO

RX100               390  ISO

So if I were you, I'd either get a small PEN or the A.  The f4.9 max aperture on the RX100 is a kind of a deal breaker, at least for low-light shooting.  That said, at the wide end the RX100 does open up to f1.8 vs f2.8 for the Coolpix A.

Best of luck, Markus

Thanks Markus. For under $900 I could get the  EPL-5 and the Lumix 20 1.7.  I wonder if that might not be my best choice since I have a fairly well stocked stable of M43 lenses.

The EPL-5 seems like a very nice camera, and it has the added bonus has taking an optional EVF.  The 20 1.7 is one of my all time favorite m43 lenses, so you'll get no argument from me.  I can't say that I'd rather have the EPL-5 than a Coolpix A, but clearly the EPL-5 is a bit more versatile by virtue of being an ILC.

That said, I absolutely love fixed lens cameras and believe wholeheartedly that they actually can improve one's photography.  For travel/street photography two of my all time favorite cameras are the Ricoh GRD III and the Fujifilm X100.  And I have to say I've never once felt limited at all with those two cameras in terms of focal length.  But yes, they force you to zoom with your feet.  But for out and about in Manhattan or a European city, I almost always use a camera with a fast wide angle or normal lens.  The advantage of having a large aperture lens outweigh the need to have a zoom and for the quant, narrow streets of your typical European city, a wide is essential, IMHO.  So no, I don't think you'd be limited at all with a fixed camera like the Coolpix A or X100.  Not at all.  Beside you'd have your OMD for any telephoto work you might want to do.

Hard to decide, as small size and pocketability are still very important to me.  The PEN will still be a bit larger than I had in mind. The A is very enticing, but the fixed focal length keeps worrying me.....say I'm in a pub and want to zoom in on a musician or dancer. I'll be out of luck. Of course that would be true if I was using the EPL-5 and a 20 1.7 pancake, too. Why can't I have it all, dang it?

The fast max aperture lens either the 20 1.7 or the 28 2.8 of the Coolpix A is going to be far more beneficial in a poorly lit pub than a slow aperture zoom.  That is for sure.  You'll be able to shoot at lower ISOs for far better IQ.

Anyway, best of luck and safe travels.

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