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Your expectations too high, pics and vid comparison.

Tareq Abdulla wrote:


I just bought[online] another SSD but this time for my PC laptop, and i have something weird, which is the following: i just replaced that drive again yesterday with the new SSD i bought and did a clean fresh install of Windows 7, but when i boot and shutdown i see that there is no improvement of that SSD over that Seagate hybrid one, maybe 1-2 seconds only nothing much, also the boot time is not super fast,

Your expectations are too high. First, the computer bios goes through a bus check which takes time. Put a bootable usb drive in the computer and boot, it will usually take longer. This time may vary from computer to computer and will have no effect on the SSD vs spindle disk speed in your computer, it will take the same amount of time every time. On my desktop, it has to go through figuring out the raid, it looks at a sata 6gb controller then another sata 2 controller, it takes a long time..

When comparing old spindle drives to new one there is a noticeable speed difference in boot because it took forever for those old systems to boot. As tech advances you see big increases. Then there was a huge jump from spindle to SSD. When waiting a minute on your years old computer and now only have to wait 30 second or 15 seconds for some computers that is a huge difference but now we start to reach the point of diminishing returns on drive speed and now we wait on slow bios and usb bus device detection

My Monumentus XP 750gb hybrid drive is slower than an SSD by any review but is still quite fast.  My Mushkin MSata MSSD is Sata3 (6gb) and has up to 530MB read speed which is almost double the speed of my hybrid drive. What they don't tell you is that when you compare 4k reads, these drives are closer in speed even though large file transfer is much faster. When windows 7 is loading it is loading smaller files, dlls and such so the speed is not going to be double.

As you can see, this is the Mushkin Msata SSD 240gb rated at sata 6gb

You can look up the model number ST750LX003

So while transfer speed of large files is useful. IOPS or In/Out operations per second is more important and just because one drive may have superior file moving power, the IOPS may be more similar especially in the transfer of small files.

Here is a video of my laptop. I dual boot between the Hybrid and the MSata SSD. The time difference is not as large as you might think.

So in closing. I think your expectations may be out of whack. If you really want to run fast then get an SSD that has the highest IOPs, but you will find they are also expensive so you start to see a point of diminishing returns (I do large file transfers and so I will even raid0 SSDs together to speed up transfer time)

That is why I think most people will benefit the most from a hybrid drive in a laptop, unless they are doing large file transfers. I think that photographers with lots of images will also benefit from and SSD in stead of hybrid because they will not use up the cache like they will on a hybrid drive when reading and they will see and increase in writing because the hybrid drive does not cache writing.

Another thing to note is I use my Msata SSD 240gb and take 20gb of it and accelerate my 1tg spindle drive for both reading and writing. Which gives me another fast drive with and even bigger cache than the Monumentus hybrid drive (which I think is only 8gb of SSD cache)

I put hybrid drives in the laptops I bought for family members because to them they see the computer being really fast compared to what they are use to, they are doing mostly browsing. I put an SSD in my sisters system because he does photography. My systems are geek systems because I like to try out all the latest technology just to see how it works and how fast it is.

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