Best lens option in the 70-500 range

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Re: Best lens option in the 70-500 range

I have no idea on the Sigma as I've not used it or seen much from them.

The new 80-400 is clearly better than the 70-200 with 2.0TC.   Then again, the 70-200 is pretty nice by itself, and if 400mm performance isn't all that important while 70-200 is, I can see the argument for the 70-200 with TC.

Myself, I've got the 300F4 with 1.4TC, the old 80-400, the new 80-400, an old 80-200F2.8 and the new 70-200vr II.   So have a lot of choices.

Shooting wildlife, the new 80-400, hands-down.   The 300F4 with TC is close in terms of sharpness, but I think the new zoom is a bit better, and contrast is better.  Plus it's a zoom with VR, so far more flexible.

I still like the bare 300mm, but I mostly use it now on a Nikon V1 as a wildlife camera.  Cropped 810mm F4 with 10mp - you can do a lot with that.

The 70-200 gets used for events/people.  I don't bother with the 80-400 for that, partly because I like to shoot at F2.8-4.0.

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