Dissasembling / repairing XZ-1

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Re: Instructions for disassembling / repairing XZ-1 (e.g. battery cover / door or OLED)

Thanks for this guide. My XZ-1 was showing dust on the sensor and as I am right now in Antarctica far off any service possibility I had to try and clean it myself.

I opened it as you described and once you get to the back of the sensor was working with a vacuum cleaner and air-duster. You can kind of feel the air ventilating through the retractable lens when doing this. Maybe I was just lucky, but this managed to flush the dust off the sensor.

I've also found this "guide" http://www.progtown.com/topic615451-disassembling-olympus-xz1.html - with many pictures of the inside of the XZ-1.

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