Fine Art Photography Explained (?)

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Probably gear has but a pittance of importance in the fine art photo. Obviously, the photo needs to have the requisites covered, but as your discourse illuminates, perceptions are far more important.

Seeing the subject and capturing it in a way which draws the viewer's attention to elements of that subject perhaps subliminally recognized but never brought to the conscious level of thought may play a role. Why are some paintings highly revered, while others of equal or even better execution from technical perspectives passed over and largely ignored? Why is a painting such as Van Gogh's Starry Night Over The Rhone so highly revered? As far as realism goes it's more child-like than than one would expect. It's more of an impressionistic work than anything else and were it done today by an American or an Englishman it probably would not even be considered for some amateur art shows in many venues; yet it preservers through time, and for those fortunate enough to see it in person, leaves them with some deep and unfathomable feelings of longing, sadness and tranquility I've been told.

I believe you have summed up much of what constitutes a photo's place as fine art. It must depict the subject in an unusual way, but a way which communicates something special and perhaps a bit occult about that subject or the gestalt. It also should be a subject which evokes some primordial feeling in the observer in my opinion. I spent many years making my living photographing fine art for galleries (as opposed to creating fine art photos) and I still have not been able to put my finger on the "pulse" and say definitively just what it is which separates the mundane from the profound.

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