R3000 problems and - no end in sight

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Re: R3000 problems and - no end in sight

Well I finally got in touch with Epson support and they weren't much help.  The guy wouldn't listen to me.  As soon as I said black ink on the printed photo he jumped on the dirty roller thing.  I try to tell that if I raise the cover and watch it print that a thin line of black ink appears after the head has passed over that area.  But he wouldn't buy that.

After I finally got him off the phone I took it to a local repair shop that repairs all the printers for NCSU.  I took a couple of my messed up photos with me, as soon as he saw the photos he said the ink management module in the head was bad.  He said that he had another R3000 sitting in the shop with the same problem. That the part was back ordered and he didn't know for sure how long it would be before he could get the part.  He said that the part was 275.00 with 125.00 labor, so with taxes and all it will be over 400.00.

I thanked him and told him that I had a show on April 25th and needed a printer.  He said that it was very unlikely that he would have the part in time.

So I took my printer and went home and ordered a 3880.


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