D800 100% pixel view in LV with firmware update!

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Re: Another 1.01 LV vs Image Review comp

I've just played with it a bit more. Like a lot of people, I use a custom picture setting with the sharpening cranked all the way, in order to make live view focus somewhat useable. I just now focussed on a bunch of things, both with sharpening up all the way and then with it turned down to 2. The oversharpened version is still better, but the difference is much smaller than I remember.

I'm simply seeing greater image clarity on the screen, which makes it less ambiguous when detail comes into focus. There are fewer edge artifacts and there's less noise. The noise in LV can be especially irksome, because it's in constant motion, like snow on a tv screen.

If I had to hazard a guess, it would be that Nikon improved the interpolation algorithm. It still seems to be interpolating, since there are some lingering artifacts. For Nikon to document an improvement of this nature, they'd have to admit an issue in the first place. Which doesn't seem to be their style.

Horshack wrote:

One thing to keep in mind is that the interpolation is highly dependent on both the horz/vert detail of the subject and the focusing distance; if I move my D800 closer to my cereal box subject the clarity improves alot, but this is only because of the frequency of detail difference at that distance and I observed the same phenomena in the original firmware.

In your prior post you mentioned that focus pops in/out better...that would imply maybe a higher frame rate in the LV preview. I never had issue with the frame rate in 1.00 and not sure if its increased in 1.01.

Also, perhaps there's a difference in settings between our bodies, and the firmware update is changing how the camera responds to those settings. When I tested this originally last year the LV preview only changed when I altered the picture profile sharpness or contrast settings - increasing those made focusing a little easier but didn't improve the general clarity.

It would be helpful if those who see an improvement could describe in better detail what exactly about the preview they believe has improved.

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