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Re: Voting on all entries in a challenge

Ed at Ridersite wrote:

merops wrote:

Ed at Ridersite wrote:

- the dpreview ranking algorithm favors entries with more votes.

I think you're wrong:

I don't see anything there that refutes what I say.  Generally, Bayesian ranking pulls the average toward the mean as the number of voters gets smaller.  I suppose my use of the "favors" was a poor choice.  I think that the entries with relatively fewer votes get adjusted (adjusted toward the mean) more than those with relatively more votes.  Thus, if two entries have the same raw ranking, the one with fewer votes will be adjusted toward the mean more.  If both are relatively high rankings, the one with fewer votes ends up lower relative to the one with more votes.
The reverse would be true is the average is below the mean.  But, in those cases, we don't care as much because they aren't in the running for 1st place anyway.  Furthermore, the entries ending up near the top, generally get the most votes because some voters only vote for entries they consider the best.
All that said, it is quite unusual for the dpreview rank to be adjusted upward regardless of raw average ranking.  It does happen, but rarely.  Out of my 448 entries, only 11 have been adjusted upward.  So, who knows what they are doing.

Your original statement "the dpreview ranking algorithm favors entries with more votes" implies that the average will get adjusted more in an upwards direction the more votes it receives. As you say, your use of the word 'favours' is incorrect. As you describe, below average photos will get disfavoured by more votes, because they will get adjusted downwards.

I agree with your statement "who knows what they are doing". If DPReview were generally cleverer about such things, I would suspect that it was a deliberate tactic to make vote-rigging more difficult

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