Backdrops + stand around $300

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Backdrops + stand around $300

I would like to buy set of backdrops + stand for my home studio, mainly for
family portraits, some high key and low key photos. Portability is not that
important, but everything must be foldable, as I don´t have dedicated space
for photo shoots.

As this is my first attempt with studio photography, I have many questions…
and I will very much appreciate if you help me answer them.

I was thinking of buying this set. Would this option work?
Impact Background System Kit with 10 x 12' Black, White Muslins, Price:

Set is also available with addition of chroma background for $276.82. Is it
worth getting the chroma background? I am not planning any video and I
already have the collapsible Botero green/blue background.

Are muslins “white enough” and “black enough”? Can I achieve uniform white
and uniform black background with muslins?

If no, I was thinking of getting these vinyl backgrounds. Are they a good
choice? Or is it better to buy paper ones? Or different brand?
Savage Infinity Vinyl Background (7.9 x 10', White), Price: $87.95

Savage 5 x 7' Infinity Vinyl Background--White, Price: $27.95
- also in black for the same price

Are vinyl backgrounds durable or is it necessary to buy also “vinyl train”?
Are there some cheaper substitutes?

I also found these collapsible backgrounds. Could they be a good substitute
for any of the above? My concern is wrinkles on the fabric and that I would
have to steam them before every use.
Impact Super Collapsible Background - 8 x 16' (Black), Price: $99.95

Impact 5x7' Collapsible Background Kit (Black/White), Price: $149.94

Are there some backgrounds, that you can DIY? Maybe doing some uniform
black background for half body shots could be easy…

If my thinking is completely wrong, can you recommend something else?

Thanks to all of you for your inputs!

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