D800 100% pixel view in LV with firmware update!

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Re: Another 1.01 LV vs Image Review comp

Horshack wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

Perhaps. I've tried focusing with trees and leaves in photographs and found it much easier than before. I won't be often focusing on the back of a cereal box or whatever, text is gonna show up the issue much more. Like I said, for the real world I notice an improvement.

The world in my kitchen follows the same laws of physics as what's outside Btw, I did a video last year demonstrating what the interpolation looks like for a variety of subjects. You can watch ithere.

I think this issue merits some more investigation. You're showing still images of the live view screen; ease of focussing relies on the perception of shift from out-of-focus to in-focus.

I have no evidence to offer. However, my experience of focussing the camera for the first time since the update was startling. LV hasn't gotten perfect. Not even as good as as on the 5DIII. But I'm finding it much better than what I'm used to. I'll continue to evaluate this impression while doing real work with the camera.

Like any photographer on the internet, of course, I could be out of my mind. No reason to leap too that conclusion immediately. This could be interesting.

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