Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: I depends on which camera you use.

bowportes wrote:

zenpmd wrote:

So it is 90 percent certain that the Olympus will be 12-40? If so, that is a huge advantage for me, since 40, by being a 35mm equivilent of 80 is just about ok for faces, whereas 70mm on the Panasonic is inadequate.

I must be missing something here. How is it that a 70mm  FL (35mm equivalence) is "inadequate for faces" but adding another 10mm makes it "just about ok"?

For once I disagree with you, Bowy. For me, head and shoulders focal length is critical and it is 85-90mm (35mm equiv) -- even the 5mm step up from 85 to 90mm is useful. I am really happy at 90mm (i.e. Oly f1.8 45mm, apanny 14-54 @ 45) whereas I feel just a little under length at 85mm (with the 14-42 @ 42).

And I felt that back in the day with the wonderful Zuiko f2 85mm on the OM1 -- i6 waws just a touch too short -- but I learned to live with it!

So for me the 70mm focal length is 15-20mm too short -- not just 10mm. A significant difference. Incidentally, in my portrait shooting, this 90mm length is cricital. 100mm is too long for me, and I absolutely abhor what was the "standard" first tele and portrait lens of my day, the 135mm.

I will admire pix like Louis's portrait with the Oly 75mm (150mm 35mm equiv), but I will never own or use that lens.

Obviously, this is very personal. it has to do with a combination of what the photographer likes in the "drawng' pf the subject, and also -- very importantly -- how the photographer feels about distance from the subject when shooting.

The 12-35mm lens is an outstanding lens for people period, whether talking about just head-and-shoulders portraits or depicting people in contexts.  The last time I perused some of my 35mm people shots, the faces all looked fine.

Having said all the above, though, I am up for the Panny 12-35. While I might wish for a slightly longer top end, the 12-35 with the constant f2.8 presses a lot of my buttons and I will happily use it in association with other lenses -- and even for portraits t a pinch! 

Cheers, geoff

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