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Re: Settings to reduce banding; are DPReview samples immune?

creaDVty wrote:

Hi Gar Ber and Horshack,  I'm not familiar with rawdigger.  All I know is when I import the raw shots into Lightroom, and I push it 5 stops, I don't see any banding (even the intentionally underexposed one -- so I don't think it's a matter of choosing the right exposure).  Can you help me understand why that is the case, and how I can avoid banding?

I checked two sunset beach with rocks D5200 NEF banding samples that were once posted here, they're exposed ok for the sky around the sun. Upon lifting 5 stop in LR4, the dark areas were still dark but no banding. Then raise the shadows 50%, voila banding.

There's an interesting detail in the second sample _DSC0066.NEF with a large shadow on the rock on the left. Banding does not seem to be uniform. It is much more prominent in the horizontal level of the sun's intense highlights than in the lower part of the shaded rock where there are no highlights in the centre of the image. Coincidence?

Samples here: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/50800689

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